Quick Fix First Impression Fundamentals

These will help anyone step up their game in no time! Most people don’t realize how important first impressions really are. Facial expressions, physical gestures and overall non-verbal behaviors generally account for 60-90% of our communication! Even our clothes make a huge difference…ever heard of “enclothed cognition?” This is real science people! Clothing affects how other people perceive us as well as how we think about ourselves.

Close your eyes and count to three. 1,2,3! Those few brief seconds are about how long you have to make a first impression and it’s almost impossible to modify or overcome it if you mess it up, so don’t.

5 quick tips:

1) always look your best

2) maintain friendly eye contact

3) have a firm handshake

4) smile

5) listen more than you talk

These 5 quick fix tips will immediately help you make a better, longer lasting first impression.


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